About us

Due to the immediate vicinity of the road, the restaurant hosts a significant number of  hikers, cyclists  and motor-bikers, from early spring to late autum, especially on fine days. In wintertime, skiers returning from the Kanin mountain skiing slopes drop by, as well as groups of sled riders returning from sledding trips organized by  tourist agencies. There are  quite a few landmarks nearby worth visiting, whereas the adrenaline-sports oriented visitors can try their hand at water sports or climbing.

According to historical sources, the Žvikar's, boasting with its 400-year history, is the oldest restaurant in Bovec and beyond. It used to be a place where horse-and-cart drivers stopped, because the Žvikar's was on the shortest route between Vienna and Triest. During the Great War it didn't operate, since the owners were evicted. The building was destroyed due to its close proximity to the Front. It was later restored, but so damaged again in the 1976 earthquake that it had to be demolished and built anew.

The Žvikar homestead was the home of Ivan Kenda, a well-known real estate owner from Bled, who learned catering trade at Bled. Later he went to Bulgaria where he successfully managed a major hotel company. He returned to Bled, where in 1818 he bought a mansion with the associated possessions, the Park Hotel and the lake. Kenda modernized the hotel as well as the swimming complex. Thus he significantly contributed to the development of Bled into a modern tourist resort. There is more material about his life and work, in written form and in photos, creating a permanent museum collection in the dining room of the restaurant.